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Getting a new customer is five-time costly than you opting to retain your current customers. Attracting your customers and provoking them to create an account in Shopysuite will help you to gain profile information. Once a customer is registered in your store, they are added to your customer list automatically. Their name and other contact information will be added to the list, so that you can easily email them with the admin account using these profile information. Later you can manually edit the customer information and send discount or mails to particular customers.

An account in Shopysuite will enhance them to create a wishlist of their own. This customer information equips yourself in developing and nurturing a healthy relationship with your customers by identifying their wishes and needs of your products.

In this section

Customer details

The profile information including ID, Name, Last name, e-mail id, and the date will be displayed on the page.

Step 1:Login using Shopysuite admin

Step 2:Goto “Customers”

Step 3:From “Customers”, go to “All customers”


Step 4:The list of all customers embedded with their profile information will be displayed.

Edit customers

You can edit the information of your customer who already exists in your list.

Step 1:Login to Shopysuite admin

Step 2:Go to “Customers”

Step 3:Click on “edit” (a pencil-like symbol)


Step 4:Select “Customer view” from “customer information”

Step 5:Edit the profile information of your customers that need to be changed.

Step 6:Click on “Save customer” after you finish editing.


Search customer

Each and every customer can be searched by their first name, last name and email.

Step 1:Login to Shopysuite admin

Step 2:Go to “Customers”

Step 3:Top right corner there is a search box, where you can type the search keyword.

Step 4:Customer list will be filtered according to the search key.


View orders

You can view the order details of your customers like order Id, purchased Billing details, Shipping details, and Total order.

Step 1:Login to Shopysuite admin

Step 2:Go to “Customers”

Step 3:Click on “edit”(a pencil-like symbol)


Step 4:Click on “Orders” from “Customer information”

Step 5:You can view all the orders purchased by that customer.

Step 6:Go to the “action” and click the “view symbol” (Eye like symbol) for any particular order.

Step 7:All details regarding particular order will be displayed there.

Step 8:Various information like invoice generation, shipment details, etc can be managed there.


Delete customers

You can easily remove the customer profile data from Shopysuite, if the customer lacks order history in your store. Customers with order history cannot be removed. If a customer who was removed from your store purchases in future, a new record will be made for them.

Step 1:Login to Shopysuite admin

Step 2:Go to “Customers”

Step 3:Click on “Action” (Delete option)

Step 4:Confirm the action by clicking on “Delete”