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Shopysuite Help centre

shopysuite help center

Welcome to Shopysuite!

  • Introducing our Shopysuite: Go through our guide and plan your selling. Get an idea about the overview, features, the ways that we offer by which you can sell your products.
  • Create an account: Learn how to create Shopysuite account. Manage your account, staff access, account notifications, payment, and other financial procedures, etc.
  • New from another E-commerce platform?: Explore the easy ways by which you can shift from your current online platform to Shopysuite.
  • Our community: Learn our access to the customers, our guides, blogs etc

Ways to sell

  • Ways to sell: Use Shopysuite to sell your products in the online store, social media or any other channel.

Set your store

  • Adding Products: Add the products which you wish to sell and increase the collection.
  • Set up location: Setting up locations in your Shopysuite store is necessary as it helps you to track the orders and reach your customers who ordered your products.
  • Setting the Themes: Establish a theme that suits your Shopysuite store.
  • Payment methods: Set up different payment methods flexible for your customers.
  • Setting up Domains: Set up a custom domain in Shopysuite store and always remember to manage it.
  • Shipping methods: Configure different shipping methods for delivering your products to customers.
  • Managing the Orders:Check your orders and manage them till the delivery is accomplished.
  • Fixed Tax rates: You should mention the default tax rates in your store.
  • Customer list: Learn to manage customer accounts that help you to view the details of customers and add them to the list.
  • Analytics: Check and understand the data and reports to know the growth of your business.
  • Recognizing productivity tools: Identifying productivity tools for your store will help you to keep track of orders.
  • Enhance Marketing: Develop a better marketing plan and try to increase your traffic.

Design themes for your store

Make your store colourful and standardized! Always remember to design a theme that suits your store. The theme is something which makes the first impression of your customer’s mind. So it should be précised. We provide you wide range of themes from which you can easily select the themes which are applicable to your store.